The Social Enterprise of Win-Win Business

Recently a friend’s Facebook status got 19 likes in a matter of hours reads: 

Those who claim to be passionate about business are really saying they haven’t figured out the right way to make tons of money yet.

My party-pooper comment almost shut down the thread, giving a passionate speech about how I care because my parents are inspiring business(wo)man and my mentor changed the American healthy juice industry. 

The truth is people associate business with greed, nasty competitions, and plain not nice people. I don’t blame them even with my war banner I still feel deflated at times. I am on the mission impossible still though: proving good business. Businesses that are win-win situations, making profit while benefiting society, taking us humans one step closer to Nirvana. 

The zen of business may be classified in economics as a positive externality, which refer to a positive byproduct of economic or socioeconomic transactions. E.g. you hate your neighbor, he is OCD, particular and not friendly, he doesn’t even talk with you because he’s so introverted. He shuts himself in his garden all day long planting trees and flowers. There, he did some good to you and the world:

His garden purifies the air for the local community

His garden makes your street more attractive

His garden even increases the vicinity’s housing price!

Okay more real world examples:

  • The local school puts on a drama show – Oliver!, guests are encouraged to contribute to the food bank bins inside the theater. The cast also informs the audience that there’s a big shortest of local deposits due to bad economy [San Francisco Waldorf High School]
  • Prius buyers like the hybrid car’s unique look, love showing off their green minds, prefer Prius over other hybrid variations due to its unique look, spend lots of money… All personals aside, they have moved one step closer to environmental consumption nevertheless [conspicuous consumption – Freakonomics]
  • Odwalla juice (like Naked but the earlier smoothies) was first produced to battle the unhealthy drinks like Coca Cola, ironically it was later taken over by Coca Cola. Yet its contribution is a lasting legacy of high expectation of fresh, partially-pasteurized fruit drinks. Possibly Naked won’t be a brand if it wasn’t Odwalla.


Creating the win-win situation is not just my personal strive. it is actually economically viable and desired. Policies makers frequently consider how to create win-win’s when making incentives for positive behaviors and pay attention to Do No Evil.




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