Daily Inspiration – Set Aside 1 Hr for a Personal Project Today

Daily Inspiration - Set Aside 1 Hr for a Personal Project Today

I am inspired today by one of my favorite apps – Tiny Post, inspiration images, new year resolutions, Google style personal project time, and vintage designs of Ittalla glassware… and I am in need of generating meaningful projects to write about on my WordPress, then perfect, here we go.

People often don’t think about making creativity time a habit. Writers do it all the time. This trick will make people of all professionals happier and have a fun way to start or end their day šŸ™‚ enjoy

Interestingly enough scientific studies don’t seem to encourage usĀ broadcasting new year resolutions, both opinions and studies have found that to beĀ counter-effective.Ā Ā But if you are like me who likes to be open about this, enjoy badges and the sense of achievenment, I am sure gamification is here to help. There are two apps that award you RPG game like token credit for listing and achieving your goals! Epic Win (iPhone) and Habit RPG (HTML web).

In fact, interestingly enough, I wanted to build an iPhone app and start a company once based on these two concepts when graduated from Stanford. My idea had an additional element not present in either apps (thank goodness, but the hope for me is still low considered that I just started learning to program a year ago), yet that feature is the central idea of my app and all these gamification is support. Will cover in a future post.

Best American productivity: have a cup of wonderful coffee. In SF you can have Blue Bottle or Philz, and you can be classy to add a Dutch style waffle.

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