Aw Linkedin You Say I am Elite but NOT

Dear Linkedin,

I am so flattered for one second when I received this email. I saw the blog posts online and know there are top 1% most viewed profiles and the internet is filled with wonderful discussions. If I were to put a tag for this post, it will be #facepalm


Are you saying I am elite yet I am just one of your 200 million? So much faith in the future of jobs. 

Fun exercise for my awesome statistician friends!

Let’s go through this exercise.

Linkedin just named me as top 5% viewed profile! Hooray, but you heard about the 1%, so I am nothing, this is just saying among 200 million, i am one of the 10 million.

And if you look through there infograph, US has 74 million users!, so that percentage reduces even lower, and Mr. President only has 500K+ views, so that’s is to say being top 5% my profile is only viewed hundreds of times or fewer.

Am I on the right track? This is sooooooo fun~~~

Awww the beauty of marketing/sales and the hidden side of stats. Love it. Is this a face palm or not? We kindly notify you of your un-uniqueness.

The above link has been posted on Facebook, look forward to hearing replies on FB and Twitters. I will repost here.

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