The Power of Luck and Karma

Buddhist philosophy claims that karma is the underlining driving force, which governs our fate. The good the bad and the odd all happen for a reason. When things get tough or stressful, this principal can really help banish all clouds and reveal the old happy soul. If something bad happens, then the key is to get out of that situation, rather than staying in, sinking and just lamenting.

Luck, a peculiar thing, it is abstract, possibly only a concept. Yet studies have shown that positive attitude and optimism really contribute to “luck” or in general the sense of being lucky and having positive things happen. The person becomes a magnet of positiveness when she believes that she’s incredibly lucky.

Creative Critical Thinking

  • Created a presentation for the San Francisco Waldorf High School today
  • Students were focused, noises were shushed away, flowers received
  • Happy to see high school teachers again
  • Used personal examples to encourage students to continue the Waldorf way
  • Used business, social science real life examples
  • Hardest presentation ever, because students are diverse, talented but usually can’t sit still for half an hour, but everyone was a great listener today
  • 1st school assembly since winter break, I am honored


  1. Picture for having perspective:
  2. Prius example about conspicuous consumption from the Freakonomics radio show
  3. Mega brand LVMH, basic info from Wikipedia and LVMH annual report
  4. Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive comparison, original, fun discovery

Also recommended for students: TED talk as examples for creative and high impact presentation techniques. One of my favorite episodes: advice from an ad man about a press of a button being the best interface.


•Creative critical thinking
•Create win-win situations
•Make everything fun
•Make the world your oyster