Social enterprise – Women at Work

The new feminism is for women to help women at work?

Especially in high tech?

Head >> Weapons of choices:

[Fast Company][Article: Every Office Has Its Bullies : Here’s How to Outwit Them]

[Stanford Professor : Robert Sutton][Book:Robert Sutton’s No Asshole Rule]

[Author: Katherine Crowley, Kathy Elster][Book: Mean Girls at Work: How to Stay Professional When Things Get Personal]


[Continuing from my previous post…] Business case examples aside personal actions drive Gandhi style changes. As a champion of the way of Positive Externality, I practice good business on a daily basis. Here are some simple examples:

  • Helping an Oakland friend obtain a job that is unbelievably good for her peer group. She had the background but didn’t have to the way of the cover letters and interviews
  • Making Youtube videos and snip it pin-boards to explain and share ideas & knowledge via visual aids
  • Be the voice for the mis-treated at work. Make a point to those verbally sharp colleagues that Stanford Professor Robert Sutton’s No Asshole Rule (Amazon book link) applies!
  • Support local student artists during multiple Japantown art fairs, encourage them and provide constructive feedback. (but in fact some of them are so genius they never need my advice)

Recently a tough topic for me to think about is women in technology. There are plenty of women in technology now, and we can definitely be there. I myself was an ex-tech consultant though I had a more social science background. People can be open minded. One issue seems to be that the balance and the power are both intricate, regardless of industries.

At one point my friends, co-workers and myself all have a slight preference of male bosses rather than female ones. As female professionals we feel at times we are judged more harshly and unfairly by our female coworkers and supervisors (the Fast Company article explains this perception issue). Regardless if it is oversensitivity or competitiveness, the peace and balance are fragile if exist in the first place.

Fast Company had an interesting article today, I recommend all young female professionals read it. 

Every Office Has Its Bullies; Here’s How To Outwit Them

Wasn’t expecting it to be about (women and) the following very helpful and current topics – 

 – The article is actually about women and the new feminism of women helping women at work!

– About young women who are tech savy that are ticking the traditional matriarchs off

– Differences in styles and perceived styles of female bosses

Apparently, a book is already in the pipeline~ buy it here on Amazon

Mean Girls at Work: How to Stay Professional When Things Get Personal



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