How to mourn if Facebook Died? RIP RII Snip It

Today my favorite pin board was “merged” with Yahoo. Somehow it meant more than just being bought, it meant only one option left : download your data… is dead? Could this possibly be? Gone r the readership of my two most popular sections – Career and Design. Yesterday I just made a brand new collection called Pink Career which is a dedicated section for women.

Phoof gone r the hundreds of readers the pins. No unfortunately I can’t go back to Pinterest because most of these are useful web pages NOT pretty pictures. To fill this void would take multiple social media sites.

The describe how I feel it is hard : I feel empty, betrayed, strayed and confused. I shouldn’t feel so about just an Internet service yet it cut so many real connections

Imagine tomorrow .. Suddenly.. Facebook is gone forever .. Where do you pick up where you left.. The thousands of connections or hundreds..

Virtual they mean nothing yet the grief I feel is real. So maybe it does mean something : RIP Snip it R I I? Remembered in Internet?

Sometimes pass the new year, Internet news will publish a list of disappeared websites. I never knew how it felt to belong to one of those lost communities

I have 700+ real Facebook friends 500+ real linkedin connections yet the loss of 700+ readership on Snip It is dauntingly real. Why?

All followed few commented yet the loss is real. It was a ritual to share my favorite web page discoveries of the day. And web page discovering is such an important part of the day.
One day our children will shutdown Facebook what would happen to us? We will need loss counseling? Gosh never thought about this true nightmare till now. Regardless how smart you are, evolutionarily we are programmed to stay in groups. We value these groups be them virtual or not.

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