Introducing cookbook bucket list~ THAT YELPING GIRL on

Salute foodies: Happiness b(u)y Food. blog post was a great success. I thought I would yelp more as a Elite member since I am already a chatter box. What is a Yelp Elite? Translates to I am crazy about food and people know it.

I discovered today, finally I found a place to put my “pins” from Snip It, which is in RIP mode. ¬†While my most popular section was Career and then Design on Snip It, I thought nothing was more fitting and uniquely me to start a list of awesome curated cookbooks. And there I did it! I made the best out of my Snip It and Pinterest, and updated it to be That Yelping Girl list on

Some highlights:

  • my Salute Foodie post, which is no news to press’lers
  • one top Japanese restaurant chef and founder who doesn’t really go to Japan all that much
  • a San Francisco favorite Italian restaurant
  • a sushi “porn” book
  • homemade Japanese food, bland, light yet elegant to the max
  • the most stunning food photography of the century
  • cooking for startup founders, entrepreneurs, scientists and curious everyday chefs
  • the guide to modern fancy American cooking on white table cloth